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If you’re on the Internet, chances are you’ve heard of a virtual private network (VPN). They’re incredibly popular, and for good reason. But what should you expect from an Android VPN? Is it something you need, or can you live without it?

Security No Matter Where You Are

Every device faces the same security problems all day, every day, even Android. Your Android device may be at a higher security risk because it’s portable.

The real problem likely isn’t your device, it’s probably the Wi-Fi network. Let’s talk about public Wi-Fi. Most people trust it, thinking it’s nothing more than a quick and convenient Internet connection. But that is only partially true.

If you were to check your mobile banking app while waiting in line to pay for your morning coffee, a hacker or identity thief could get access to your unsecured Wi-Fi traffic, potentially gaining access to your password. And, if you use that password for other websites and accounts, they may be compromised, too.

Of course, not every attack on your Android device looks the same. There are plenty of ways for hackers and cyber criminals to get your information in public:

  • Trick Wi-Fi networks: Not every Wi-Fi network is legit. With a quick online purchase and some tech knowledge, the average hacker can set up a fake Wi-Fi network. It’s easy to think, “I’d never fall for a fake Wi-Fi network!” But a trick network can look just like the real thing with a name as deceiving as “Starbucks WiFi.” When you log onto the fake network, the hacker records all of your keystrokes, including usernames and passwords.
  • Man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks: But hackers don’t even need you to connect to a fake network. A MITM attack completely takes over a public Wi-Fi network, using it to redirect your Android device to fake websites that look like your bank, but are really tricking you into giving up your information.
  • Malware: If you’re on a corrupted Wi-Fi network, you may get pop-ups or other redirects trying to get you to click. If you do, even if it’s an accident, a hacker will install malware, giving them complete access to your Android device.
  • Sniffing: This one isn’t even technically illegal! Anyone can use an unsecured Wi-Fi network to monitor your online traffic.

Security threats aren’t just limited to public Wi-Fi, either. Your own Internet service provider (ISP) can not only track activity on your Android device but throttle your connection speeds whenever they see fit. Sketchy websites, hackers, and more all pose threats no matter where you are.

Of course, we aren’t just here to tell you about all of your security risks, we’re telling you what to expect from an Android VPN. You can not only avoid public Wi-Fi security threats, but ISP tracking, malicious ads, and more. But it can also give you better access to the content you want.

Expect a Lot More Streaming Content

Sometimes you just want to watch television! What if you could have security and more content to watch online? Here’s how it works — you turn on your VPN and choose a location to connect to anywhere in the world. Your VPN links you to their server, and your Internet protocol (IP) address appears as the other location. So, your device and your data are hidden.

When you connect to a remote server and change your location, you can access all of the TV, movies, and videos that are unavailable in your own location. For instance, some YouTube videos are blocked in other countries due to copyright or other restrictions — all you have to do is turn on your VPN and connect to a new country and you will be able to access that content.

And a Lot More Web Content, Too

Streaming services aren’t the only things that a good VPN can help you unblock. Just like you would connect to a server for a TV show or on public Wi-Fi, you can use a VPN to get around restrictions at work, school, or other organizations.

It’s very easy for organizations to block websites on their Wi-Fi network. If you’ve ever experienced it yourself, you know how frustrating it is. You’re on break at work and want to check Twitter, but you’re met with a blocked page instead.

Blocks can cause harm, too. If you live in a strict or restrictive country, news sources, history, and other content may all be blocked. No matter your situation, an Android VPN will give you full Internet freedom.

Capability on All of Your Android Devices

As an Android user, you know that not every app is optimized for your device. A good Android VPN should not only work well on your device, but look good, too. After all, VPNs are tech companies — they know how important it is to serve Android users.

A good VPN should work on all of your Android devices. Laptops, tablets, phones, even Smart TVs and home assistants, so you can enjoy your internet freedom and security on all of your devices.

Expect the Best from Your Android VPN

So, what should you expect from your Android VPN? Not just another basic tool or reason to spend money, but an honest-to-goodness solution to dangerous security threats and inconvenient, impossible blocks on content and websites.

And that’s not an exaggeration — an Android VPN is one of the most easily-accessible ways to improve your online experience, whether you’re a tech expert or casual scroller. Sure, you can live without one, but it will solve a lot of problems and give you more online freedom. Our suggestion? Try one and get your money back if you don’t like it. It’s really that simple.

Source: https://www.androidheadlines.com/2022/04/what-to-expect-from-android-vpn.html



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