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XANTHI, THRACE, GREECE, January 24, 2022 / — The world of VPN is a great step in technology progress. Probably everyone out there has a general idea about the use of a VPN connection, but the exact function of it is something different.

Meaning of the VPN acronym – First of all, there is the definition of a VPN. According to computer science, VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and that is the way it took the name.

A VPN allows of an extension of a private network into a public network, such as the Internet. By this way users are allowed to send and receive data on shared or public networks, as in case that the computing devices were directly connected to this private network.

In other words, it is a network by itself. And this type of network is virtual, as it can create a virtual bridge between a user and a server, a machine that could be anywhere on earth.

This type of network is private, for reasons of access, as for a customer to access it, an account should be created with username and password credentials. Simply, a connection to a server is done and then, the servers connect back to the internet for the user.

VPN and security – There should be no worry in the weakness of understanding a VPN at the beginning. There are things to know, in order to understand a technology like this.

VPNs originally created by companies as a way of communications to be protected from industrial espionage. This comes from the fact of the always simpler ways that were found, of tracking data that were traveling on every network. Ways to hack information.

The use of VPNs offered each end of communication channels between every user an encrypted data transmission and a tunnel system. Helping by this way the secure routing of data between every two points, front and back. Into the channels, the data are encrypted and protected.

VPN and privacy – Security is a nice word to hear. Also another word is privacy. The good news: a VPN is the synonym of better privacy! Indeed, a VPN can replace the IP address of the server to which a user is connected, and a user can connect to any server of the VPN provider.

Therefore, there is the ability of being able to have many different IP addresses. An example could be a user that is living in London and appears to live in New York, with the help of VPN.

In summary, the use of a VPN assures that there is no way for someone to use or monitor personal data and there is no way of knowing the sites that have been visited.

VPN and censorship – In the use of VPN there is one more good point. Talking about the privacy methods that were described above. As there is the ability of connecting to an IP address from any country of the world, this gives the power of unlocking all of the geographically restricted content, from the country of the origin connection.

An ability like the one of being able to watch American Netflix from a home in Leeds or maybe Athens. There is no need for living in US. Without a VPN, that could be impossible. But by the use of a VPN, there is given the opportunity of connecting to a US server and have easy access to US Netflix.

The same can be true vice versa. In case of traveling to China, the use of a VPN giving the opportunity to watch English Netflix from abroad or other foreign channels. In addition, it gives the power to unblock content on censored websites, such as Facebook or Twitter in countries where they are forbidden.

Journalists tend to use VPN, in order to circumvent censorship when they are away. By this way, it can be maintained to stay free on the internet. A VPN can protect data and privacy, while gaining access to websites and content, that they are usually restricted.

Protocols of VPNs – Some protocols are available today. The most common are:
• PPTP: one of the first protocols (around Windows 95)
• L2TP / IPsec: one of the most secure tunnel protocols
• OpenVPN SSL: the most flexible and popular open source protocol

VPN providers – There is a big number of people using personal VPNs, as there are a bigger number of transactions appearing on the internet. This is the reason for so many options when it comes to VPN providers.

Always remember to be careful in case of free VPN. Nothing in our world is really free. There is a number of rogue companies having the ability of collecting personal data and information about people browsing habits or worse.

Also these companies can even sell personal bandwidth, or use it for malware. The use of a free VPN can cause a number of problems, so the use of it is up to personal risk.

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