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IPVanish Editor’s Score: 91/100

Pricing 100
Privacy 80
Speed 90
Network size 85
Customer service 100

Why IPVanish Is Best for Overall Value

IPVanish offers all of the basic VPN features, as well as unlimited VPN data and the ability to connect  unlimited devices, for $2.40 per month with an annual commitment. For comparison, our review of ExpressVPN found that it offers five devices, while our NordVPN review found the company offers six, and both of those services charge much higher monthly fees. Even though unlimited VPN data was standard for all of the VPNs we reviewed, the ability to use an unlimited number of devices through one account presents a unique value that may make IPVanish attractive to many users. While IPVanish’s server list may not be as massive as some competitors’, it will suffice for most VPN users.

IPVanish shows available servers in both list and map views

Source: IPVanish


  • You can connect an unlimited number of devices.
  • There is solid geographic diversity, with servers in 75 locations across 55 countries.
  • IPVanish offers tech support over the phone.


  • IPVanish has a relatively small fleet of 1,600 servers.
  • The company is headquartered in the U.S., so it may be subject to federal court orders.
  • It has no record of third-party audits.


While all of IPVanish’s basic features are very easy to find and use even if you don’t have much experience with a VPN, some of the more advanced features, such as split tunneling, are a bit more difficult to navigate. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the software to your preferred device, connecting to the best local server through the QuickConnect feature is as easy as pushing the green button. 

This view shows the IPVanish connection screen on macOS.

Source: IPVanish

You can browse the list of more than 1,600 VPN servers in more than 75 locations across 55 countries in either a list or a map view. The advanced filtering options let you set the desired latency and search by region to find the best connection for your requirements. When you know what kind of network performance to expect, it makes it much easier to access restricted content in other countries.

The interface design could be either a pro or a con, depending on your preferences. The black-and-green default theme is exactly what you’d expect to see a hacker using on a television show, which fits very well for software that’s designed to hide your identity. While that color scheme may be a turnoff for some users, others may find it’s easy on their eyes. If you prefer, you can change it to a light theme in the Preferences section. 

Tip: Use the advanced filtering options to find the best server for your location and requirements.

IPVanish has more than 1,600 servers in a variety of locations around the world.

Source: IPVanish


Unlimited devices There is no cap on the number of devices you can connect. Most competitors offer service for just a handful of devices.
Servers in 75+ locations Find a reliable server in every major area of the globe.
Encryption and protocols IPVanish offers AES 256-bit VPN encryption with IKEv2, OpenVPN and L2TP options.

Unlimited Devices

Most VPN providers let you use only five or six devices simultaneously per account. IPVanish distinguishes itself in a competitive category by allowing unlimited devices, giving you access via “every computer, tablet and smartphone you own.” This is an incredibly valuable feature for businesses that want to protect numerous devices without relying on a router to control the flow of information. And because IPVanish also offers unlimited VPN data, you’ll need only one account. 

This is an example of IPVanish VPN on the Amazon Fire TV settings page.

Source: IPVanish

Servers in Over 75 Locations

While IPVanish’s array of more than 1,600 physical servers is on the smaller side compared to other VPN services we reviewed, its list of locations is not. IPVanish’s footprint covers every major area of the globe, and it lists specific cities, not just unspecified regions within each country. The ability to select specific international cities could be very useful for accessing content that is restricted based on geography.                  

Encryption and Protocols

IPVanish utilizes the 256-bit advanced encryption standard that’s trusted across the industry thanks to a key length with 2^256 unique combinations a hacker would need to sort through to accomplish a brute-force attack (which, theoretically, would take millions of years using the world’s fastest non-quantum computers). IPVanish also offers IKEv2, OpenVPN and L2TP protocols to serve a long list of older and new devices. 

Tip: If you’re not sure which protocol is best, stick with the standard OpenVPN (UDP) for the best performance.

The Preferences menu shows connection options on a Mac

Source: IPVanish


IPVanish offers two basic subscription packages for stand-alone VPN services, as well as a combination plan with the VPN and 500GB of data storage. The basic VPN service is priced at $3.49 for the first month and $9.99 thereafter. If you’re comfortable with an annual commitment, you can get the basic price down to $2.40 per month to get an annual savings of $84.58. 

For the VPN and 500GB of storage, the monthly plan starts at $3.84 for the first month and $10.99 thereafter. With an annual commitment, you’d pay $2.92 per month, for an annual savings of $89.69. It’s worth noting that the yearly plans are refundable for 30 days, but the monthly plans are not. All plans include unlimited VPN data as well as an unlimited number of devices, which is something we didn’t see with competitors. IPVanish also has occasional coupons and promotional rates throughout the year, as well as discounts for college students and educators.

Key takeaway: All plans include unlimited VPN data and an unlimited number of devices. The annual plans are refundable for 30 days, but the monthly plans are not.


As with most VPN services, the setup process for IPVanish is very straightforward, with apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Fire TV, Linux and Chrome OS. Getting your virtual private network up and running takes only a few minutes with any of the apps, and you’ll be prompted with some setup help the first time. 

Simply download the app to your device and log in with your account credentials, and you’ll be ready to select a local or international server to mask your IP address and start browsing with anonymity. Manually setting up your VPN for a router is slightly more complicated than the process for the app and requires you to configure your router by flashing or replacing the device’s operating system. If flashing your router sounds like a difficult task you’re not ready to tackle, you can purchase a router manufactured by Netgear, Linksys or Asus that comes preinstalled and preconfigured with IPVanish software.

Customer Service

Customer support is available 24/7 via live chat, email and phone. While live chat and email are fairly standard across the VPN category, telephone support is not common, even among much higher-priced competitors. For smaller businesses without dedicated IT staff or any experience using a VPN, the ability to get on the phone for direct assistance in troubleshooting any potential issues is a big plus. IPVanish also has a self-help support center with setup guides and a section of how-to videos to assist users in setting up the software on different platforms. In addition, the company offers a separate business-focused VPN service for teams, with plans starting at $7.99 per user per month and custom pricing available for teams with more than 250 members.


One downside of IPVanish is that because it is based in the U.S., it could be subject to a variety of court orders that would jeopardize the privacy of its customers. In 2018, it was reported that IPVanish cooperated with the FBI by logging user data for the bureau as part of a criminal investigation. While IPVanish claims to have a strict no-log policy and says this incident happened before IPVanish was acquired by its current parent company, IPVanish’s location within the United States and its track record of cooperating with law enforcement are legitimate points of concern for some VPN users. We recommend reading the company’s privacy policy to learn more.

Another drawback is the limited number of servers. With a fleet of 1,600 servers, IPVanish has the smallest network of the VPNs we reviewed, although the geodiversity is on a par with competitors’. While having more servers does not necessarily guarantee greater performance, it’s safe to say that it does increase your chances of finding an uncrowded network for your data. The other potential issue is finding a server near your location that’s capable of offering the best speeds possible. 

Finally, IPVanish has undergone no third-party audits, which basically means you’re taking the company at its word that it doesn’t maintain logs and secures data adequately.


We reviewed several of the industry’s best VPN services. Over the course of two weeks, we switched between VPN services regularly during our normal web activity across multiple computers, smartphones and other devices. We conducted speed tests on multiple devices to determine how much the VPN impacted our ability to navigate webpages. For testing purposes, we most frequently utilized the free trial accounts that many VPN providers offer. In some instances, we paid for a one-month subscription and ensured the money-back guarantee worked as promised where applicable. We also tested the customer service of the companies by contacting them to ask questions about the products. When selecting the VPN service with the best value, we looked for a provider that offers the essential VPN capabilities for a low price.

What Is a VPN?

A VPN, or virtual private network, routes your web traffic through an encrypted virtual tunnel, keeping everything you do online anonymous. VPNs can hide your identity and allow you to project your location from physical and virtual servers around the world. A growing number of businesses utilize VPNs to provide their remote employees with secure access to company networks. Most VPNs work on computers, smartphones, web browsers, routers and other internet-connected devices.


Can IPVanish be hacked?

In reality, basically anything that’s connected to the internet is vulnerable to hackers, and some providers, such as NordVPN, have been hacked. However, it’s rare for any encrypted tunnel provided by a reputable VPN service to be hacked easily with today’s encryption standards. 

Can you get IPVanish for free?

No, IPVanish does not offer a free option. However, if you sign up for an annual subscription plan, you can get your money back by requesting a refund within 30 days.

Is IPVanish a no-log VPN?

IPVanish states that it has a zero-log policy. Although IPVanish reportedly shared data logs with federal law enforcement during a criminal investigation, current parent company StackPath maintains that no IPVanish user data logs have been stored since its acquisition of the company.

Bottom Line

We recommend IPVanish for …

  • Small companies that have limited budgets and need only basic VPN services to stay protected from malicious threats. 
  • Businesses that are looking for a simple VPN solution to run on every device they own without being subject to limitations.

We don’t recommend IPVanish for …

  • U.S.-based companies that want their VPN provider to ignore government-related data requests. 
  • Users who want to combine the anonymity of a VPN with the added layer of Tor, which IPVanish does not support.

Source: https://www.businessnewsdaily.com/16367-ipvanish-vpn.html



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