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In a surprising turn of events, Destiny conducted a dialog with his alleged stalker, AnaVoir. While confronting the latter about her public statements, the popular streamer grasped the opportunity to plug his sponsors, “SurfShark VPN”.

Destiny, a political commentator, has talked about the AnaVoir controversy for a while now. He claims she stalked him online, while Ana responded to the allegations on Twitter, accusing him of gaslighting.

In his latest livestream, Destinty entertained Voir, attempting to have a dialog regarding her accusations of mental abuse that he put her through.

When she claimed that Destiny’s apprehension for using his vast resources to cause her “pain and suffering” was due to his fear of being banned on Twitch, he responded:

“I can get around things. I am sponsored by Surfshark.”

Destiny’s comeback turns into sponsorship plug during AnaVoir stream

During their discussion, Destiny hinted that he believed Voir could build a case to justify killing him. Using her allegations against him as evidence, he furthered the topic. Voir fiercely rejected the entire idea and then proclaimed how the situation was the other way around, with her fearing for her life.

In response, Destiny mentioned Voir’s public statement claiming that Malena, his wife, was plotting to kill her. He first clarified with her if that was indeed her statement. Upon receiving confirmation, he questioned her if she genuinely believed the statement.

“I don’t know what to think anymore, cause you people seem like you just wanna cause me pain and suffering, and that’s it.”

Destiny then cross-questioned her, using her accusations as the base.

“If I wanted to cause you the maximum amount of pain and suffering, don’t you think that there are a million other things that somebody like me could do? I’m a pretty resourceful person. You really think it would just be responding…”

He was cut off by Voir’s interjection, explaining her understanding of why Destiny wouldn’t do anything too drastic. She argued that his inaction was to protect his self-interest rather than a moral conscience.

“The only reason you wouldn’t do it is because of how it would impact you, not because it’s morally wrong.”

Destiny, visibly confused, asked Ana how she thought it would impact him. Pointing out his stature as a popular online personality, Voir alleged that a fear of being banned on Twitch stopped him from reacting.

“I don’t know. It would get you banned or something.”

Destiny assured her that such an event would not cause him any inconvenience. While justifying this stance, he hilariously found a way to plug his sponsorship with SurfShark VPN:

“I can get around this. I’m sponsored by Surfshark: surfshark.deal/destiny.”

With the composure of a confidant debater, he continued to detail the benefits of his sponsorship as part of the legitimate rebuttal to Voir’s statement.

“There’s a VPN that I can get where I have three months for free, 83% discount. I could log into an IP from anywhere in the world and do whatever I want.”

He then directly addressed his viewers, reiterating the benefits of the VPN and informing them on how to access his special promo code.

“surfshark.deals/destiny, use ‘Destiny’ as the promo code. Works on your iOS, Android, iPhone, uh, laptop, computers, anywhere in the world. Watch any programs you want, for free. Check it out. Well, if you’ve already subscribed to it, sorry.”

Destiny then returned to his conversation with Voir, who did not respond to the advertisement. Instead, she continued her arguments, further accusing him of doxxing her.

Viewers amused at Destiny’s advertising skills

Meanwhile, viewers who saw the situation play out live were left in disbelief at the absurdity of this advertisement.

Viewers left in disbelief at this ruthless sponsorship plug (Image via Destiny/Twitch)

Redditors also engaged in a discussion regarding the controversy surrounding the two. Others were appreciative of Destiny’s marketing skills while mocking aspects of Voir’s argument.

Fans seemed sympathetic to Destiny’s situation. Several criticized Twitch for perpetuating such incidents, calling out the double standard it portrays while dealing with issues regarding male streamers.

Source: https://www.sportskeeda.com/esports/destiny-plugs-vpn-sponsorship-conversation-alleged-stalker-anavoir



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