How to get VPN for just 79p per month thanks to this new deal – Manchester Evening News


Choosing the right VPN for you can be a puzzling experience, but having one is essential if you want to protect your privacy online. After all, a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, can often be the only thing that stands between you and cyber criminals who want to steal your valuable data and credentials.

There are countless VPN providers claiming to offer fantastic deals for their customers. But it’s important to choose a company who you can trust that offers good value-for-money too.

PureVPN is offering its customers an exclusive, limited time deal for five years of VPN, costing just £47.50 in total. That means members will only have to pay 79p per month to access VPN from any of their devices, whenever it suits them.

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The discounted plan is providing 93 per cent off from the original five years PureVPN price of £10.95 per month. Customers will also be available to cancel their subscription at any time should they choose to.

Here’s an overview of what the new deal will offer PureVPN users:

⦁WireGuard protocol for safe and secure access

⦁Super sonic 20 Gbps VPN servers for a seamless experience

⦁Hiding customers’ IP address to protect their location and identity

⦁All-new Fire Stick TV for a buffer-free and secure streaming experience

What can PureVPN do?

The PureVPN service will allow customers to access their favourite streaming platforms from anywhere on their tablet, desktop, tablet or phone, including:

⦁Access US Netflix, US Hulu, US HBO GO, and many other services from all over the world

⦁Support a wide range of devices

⦁Stream up to 4K content on their favourite channels seamlessly

⦁Download P2P files and torrents in a secure manner

Firestick App improvements

Pure VPN has introduced improvements to the Fire Stick TV app, for customers who want to use the PureVPN service while streaming content off their Firestick. This includes:

⦁Introducing the WireGuard protocol for safe and secure access

⦁Increasing the number of server locations supported on the Fire Stick TV app from 25 to 96+

⦁New and improved UI and UX with live chat support

⦁Super sonic 20 Gbps VPN servers for a seamless experience

Additional security features

PureVPN will be able to do the below to ensure customers remain safe while using the internet from any of their devices:

⦁Support 10 multi-logins to make sure that the entire family remains protected

⦁Protect data with the highest grade AES 256-bit encryption

⦁Ensure customers’ privacy remains intact when VPN connection drops with an Internet Kill feature

⦁Provide customers with a personal IP address (add-on) just for maximizing security over the internet

⦁Promise not to keep VPN logs – so what customers do online should only stays with them

⦁Provide 6500+ servers part of a network spanning across the globe optimized for unparallel performance

⦁Split tunnelling route customers’ internet traffic between PureVPN and ISP Connection

⦁Port forwarding (add-on) to help customers access their devices or a service from anywhere in the world securely

For more information and offers from PureVPN, visit the website here.




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